Saturday, December 15, 2012

The worst week ever.

Well how do we start off? Monday was any old day except for that morning was the day Fox 6 came to record our band for Christmas. Monday wasn't so bad. Tuesday, however, I woke up with a terrible cough, after my first class I went to the nurse to get my temp checked, that thing would say 98 even if I had a fever of 104! So I called my mom and she came to sign me out anyway, it was pretty bad. So I get home and cough up some lungs and FINALLY fall asleep. After waking up, still feeling horrible, I see it's 3 in the afternoon. Then my boyfriend messages me on Facebook and says "call me." then I knew something was instantly wrong. I look to Facebook for a split second and see my friend's status to be "How could you leave're like our father." So I called Tyler. He then proceeds to say the impossible sentence.."Haskew's last day is next Thursday." I snap with denial as he tells me that our band director, our father, our mentor, the greatest man is leaving us. I begin sobbing and sit with my mouth open in shock. I then realize it's Tuesday....his last jazz band with me..I, not even paying one bit of attention to the fact of my sickness, run out the door with only an hour to spare. I get to the band room and proceed to play in jazz band. My band director, sad, lets us go early. I talked to him and he let me know he was doing it for his family. I still cried...a lot. That whole night I cried and cried. Wednesday I wake up praying it was a dream but was quickly slapped in the face with reality. My mom comes in there and checks my temp and I now had a fever of 100.5...great. So I decided nothing was going to get in the way of me spending what time I had left with Mr. Haskew. "I'll go to the doctor and then go back to school." after the doctors I was told I couldn't go back to school until Thursday because of my fever. I still said I was going to check into 4th block, which was band. I go home and lay down and still sick, I start getting sick to my stomach. I then proceed to throw up. I was still determined to go to school until after the 4th time I then lay down and sleep. Another day wasted. I wake up Thursday morning, the last performance I had with Haskew, I refused to even consider missing this, so I went to school all day, feeling like crap. I still managed to get through the day and keep down most food. Coughing was still terrible and I still had a fever. That night we had our concert and it was the most emotionally night ever. It tore me up and broke my heart to hear Haskew say "and this ends this chapter of the Pride." crying still and still sick, I went home and cried. Friday morning I woke up and went to Gadsden state to teach the water festival. Again, still sick. I carried 2 bags of cough drops with me. Afterwards I call work to see if they want me going to work (because I'd rather NOT cough on everyone or their food.) and they tell me not to come in, so I don't. After crying and being so sick all week I have the bright idea to do a tiny bit of shopping done because I won't get the chance to again, well now I might be in trouble. Here I am Saturday, STILL sick. Work won't be good at all I already know but I'll still get through and hopefully not be put in a position to kill anyone. I just pray that God is with me the rest of this week and also with the children from the Connecticut school. This week so far has been nothing but tears, puke, coughing, and sleep and I hate it. Next week is my last week with Haskew and I don't care how I feel, it will be the BEST.

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